Play different, play active!

The multiplier events will be four: one in Sweden, one in Italy, one in Turkey and one in Spain.

Each multiplier event will take place during the last months of the project activity and are expected to gather at least 200 people: youth workers, decision makers, relevant stakeholders. The multiplier events are going to be promoted by the project website, by the partner websites, by youth centres, schools, adult centres, also through social media and networks.

The multiplier event will include two sessions:

session 1. A competition among youth workers, a “tournament” focused on project topics – EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy and equal opportunities for all in order to widely spread and valorise the project results and intellectual output.

session 2. A serie of debates, with the project stakeholders (local and regional political decision makers, public bodies, NGOs, youth centres, adult and senior centres, teachers, trainers, people engaged in educational processes, Associations, refugee centres) to involve and share with them both project intellectual output and new strategies in youth worker training: debates concerning the individual, social, formal, and political dimensions of recognition of non-formal learning and youth work.

Play different, play active!

The multiplier event in Italy.