Working together

The 4 transnational meetings take place at 4 different stages of the project in each of the partner’s countries: Sweden, Italy, Turkey and Spain. Two staff people, within each partner organisation, will partecipate to each transnational meeting. The working days will be two.

The 1° meeting takes place in Sweden in the 2nd month of activities and is the kick-off one.

The 2° meeting takes place in Italy in the 11th month of activities.

The 3° meeting takes place in Turkey in the 17th month of activities.

The 4° and closing meeting takes place in Spain in the 23rd month of activities.

The first transnational meeting

took place in Örkelljunga – 21st march /23rd March

This is our first  NET NET Newsletter

This is our selection of images. You can find more on our Instagram account.

The second transnational meeting

took place in Turin – 18th / 21st October

This is our second NET NET Newsletter:

NET NET_Newsletter_2_EN

You can find the meeting photographs of our Instagram account.

The third transnational meeting

took place in Ankara – 17th / 18th May

This is our third NET NET Newsletter: NETNET_Newsletter_3_EN

And now, we’re ready to play, all together!