A selection in progress

In this section we are selecting, in progress, stuff we like. Feel free to contribute to the selection 🙂

A video to learn how to disseminate the Erasmus+ projects!

People from various different ethnic, social and ideological groups gather in a room, and start interacting. The result is amazing!

A cartoon story about intercultural dialogue: a small yellow toaster from the US falls in love with a foreign power point. Unfortunately, there are problematic cultural differences 🙁

A selection of EU fonts on the project issues

On Euronews,  the multilingual news media (TV, online, mobile apps, webradio…), you can find an immigration dedicated area with international and European news from a European perspective  http://www.euronews.com/tag/immigration

 On Compass, the manual on human rights education with young people, you can find info, tools and activities to get inspiration.

Compass was first published in 2002 within the framework of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe. The programme was created because human rights education (HRE) – meaning educational programmes and activities that focus on promoting equality in human dignity – was, and remains, of incalculable value in shaping a dimension of democratic citizenship for all young people and in promoting a culture of universal human rights.

Compass is published in English, Arabic and Russian.


Another interesting font of information is the website of the European Court of Human Rights.

On the website you can find information about the Court, including pending cases, judgments and decisions, basic texts, and press releases, in English and French.


On the EU immigration portal you can find out what EU and the EU countries do on immigration. On the portal you can find also a FAQs’ section, a glossary and a selection of external links.