A ludic and educational kit

The project designed, implemented and tested a ludic and educational kit (the NET NET kit) composed by:

  • a board game

focused on EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy (equal opportunities for all, discrimination, social exclusion, participation, political rights): a highly flexible and customisable kit, suitable for re-processing and subsequent integrations to be used by youth workers with a wide range of targets (youngsters, people with fewer opportunities, NEETs, drop out students, persons of recent immigration, refugees, adults, senior).

The board game is composed by:

  • 1 game board
  • 315 question-and-answer cards
  • 80 challenging cards
  • 18 scoring cards
  • 108 scoring cards
  • 6 paws
  • 1 dice
  • 1 instruction booklet

To learn more on the game board [pdf issuu_pdf_id=”171108103049-ec9471c708eb45068a1a653ba935ffec” width=”640″ height=”480″ ]

To learn more on the game questions click on 🙂

To find the materials in English, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and Turkish click on the menu under the title:

  1. NETNET Kit – English
  2. NETNET Kit – Swedish – Work in progress
  3. NETNET Kit – Italian
  4. NETNET Kit – Spanish – Work in progress
  5. NETNET Kit – Turkish – Work in progress

The board game is supported by the following tools:

  • a cartoon video  
  • a video tutorial – Work in progress
  • a mini-guide – Work in progress

The NET NET kit is going to help youth workers in their role as a multi-target providers of non-formal learning opportunities by which they will be able to empower themselves, their social awareness, their citizenship, with the aim to share with multicolored targets an amusing learning process and to explore, as in a learning fun travel, some of the crucial topics of Europe today: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy topics. The kit implementation will be improved by the partnership with the support of a multicultural youth worker team composed by youth workers representing, at its best, European multiculturalism and diversity and selected in each partners country: Sweden,Turkey, Italy and Spain.